Revolutionize Your Ride: Custom Electrical Harness for Cars with Integrated Fuse Holder for Unmatched Safety and Reliability

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    Custom Automotive Electrical Wiring Harness with Fuse Holder Integration
    High-Quality Car Wiring Looms with Built-in Fuse Holders for Enhanced Safety
    Tailored Electrical Harnesses for Vehicles Featuring Fuse Holder Modules
    Automotive Wire Assemblies with Integrated Fuse Boxes for Easy Maintenance
    Flexible and Durable Car Wiring Harnesses with In-Built Fuse Holders
    OEM-Approved Wiring Solutions with Fused Circuits for Automotive Applications
    Seamless Integration of Fuse Holders in Custom Auto Electrical Harnesses
    Fused Wiring Systems for Cars: Enhancing Circuit Protection and Reliability
    Innovative Automotive Wiring Looms with Integrated Fuse Holder Technology
    Weather-Resistant Electrical Harnesses for Cars with Built-in Fusing
    Customizable Car Wire Assemblies with Multi-Circuit Fuse Box Integration
    Compact and Space-Efficient Automotive Wiring Harnesses with Fused Design
    Fuse-Protected Wiring Solutions for Modern Vehicle Electronics
    Automotive Cable Assemblies with Smart Fuse Holder Integration
    Multi-Functional Electrical Harnesses for Cars: Wiring and Circuit Protection Combined
    Quick-Connect Automotive Wire Looms with Integrated Fuse Compartments
    Enhanced Safety Features: Car Wiring Harnesses with In-Line Fuse Holders
    Innovative Fuse Block Integration in Automotive Wiring Systems
    Custom Wiring Solutions for Cars: Circuit Protection with Integrated Fuses
    Fused Electrical Wiring Harnesses for Automotive Retrofitting and Upgrades
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Product Description

Welcome to the pinnacle of automotive wiring solutions – our Custom Electrical Harness for Cars with Integrated Fuse Holder. Engineered for optimal safety, reliability, and ease of maintenance, this innovative wiring harness seamlessly integrates a fuse holder module into its design. Elevate your vehicle's electrical system with our tailor-made wire assembly, combining circuit protection and wiring convenience in one compact and efficient package. Ensure a smooth and secure ride with our high-quality electrical harness featuring fuse holder technology.

Wire Type:Crafted for durability, our wiring harness features high-quality wires suitable for automotive applications. These wires are weather-resistant, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions.

Certification:Safety is paramount, and our Electrical Harness with Fuse Holder holds industry-standard certifications, guaranteeing compliance with safety and performance regulations.

Connector Types:Versatility is key, and our wire assemblies support various industry-standard connectors, including TE, Molex, JST, Delphi, Yeonho, Sumitomo, Yazaki, and others. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of automotive components.

Fuse Holder:Integrated into the harness is a multi-circuit fuse box, providing essential circuit protection for your vehicle's electronics. This compact and efficient fuse holder module enhances safety and facilitates easy maintenance.

Industries:Our Electrical Harness with Fuse Holder finds applications across various industries, including automotive manufacturing, aftermarket upgrades, and automotive retrofitting. This adaptability makes it a reliable solution for different sectors.

Product Details

Our Electrical Harness with Fuse Holder is meticulously designed to enhance the safety and reliability of your vehicle's electrical system. The integrated fuse box provides an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your vehicle's electronics from potential overloads. The compact and space-efficient design allows for easy installation, making it suitable for both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket upgrades.


  • OEM Automotive Manufacturing:Integrate our custom wiring solution into new vehicles during the manufacturing process.
  • Aftermarket Upgrades:Upgrade your vehicle's electrical system with our customizable wire assembly featuring integrated fuse protection.
  • Automotive Retrofitting:Retrofit existing vehicles with our Electrical Harness with Fuse Holder for enhanced safety and circuit protection.

Ensure the longevity and reliability of your vehicle's electrical system with our cutting-edge Electrical Harness featuring an integrated fuse holder. From OEM applications to aftermarket upgrades, experience the convenience and safety that comes with a seamlessly integrated fuse box in your vehicle's wiring system.


RE:Our wiring harness products are made of various materials, including different types of wires, insulation materials, and casings, to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our customers. We select and use appropriate materials based on customer requirements and specifications, ensuring that they comply with relevant standards and requirements. Our company implements strict quality control procedures to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our wiring harness products have excellent electrical characteristics, mechanical performance, and waterproof rating, making them suitable for various applications and environments. Specific performance indicators are determined based on customer requirements and application scenarios, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and requirements.

We have advanced production processes and equipment that enable us to provide high-quality and efficient production services for our customers, including various processes such as welding, insulation, and wrapping. We determine the most suitable production process based on customer requirements and product specifications, ensuring that the production process complies with relevant standards and requirements.

We provide reasonable pricing and accurate delivery deadlines for our customers to meet their needs and budgets. Pricing and delivery deadlines are determined based on customer requirements and order conditions, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and requirements.

We provide samples for customers to try and can offer trial orders for small quantities to ensure that the product meets the customer's needs and requirements. We provide relevant services based on customer requirements and ensure that the samples and trial products comply with relevant standards and requirements.

We can customize wiring harness products for customers based on their specific needs and requirements to ensure that the product meets their unique requirements and specifications. We work closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and design and produce products based on their requirements and specifications.

We have a strict quality assurance system and process and hold multiple certifications and certificates such as ISO-9001,ISO-16949 COC SGS etc

Our Custom process:


The customer provides product customization requirements and relevant information.


Our professional technical personnel analyze and evaluate the product requirements, and confirm product details with the customer.


We provide customers with quotations and production plans.


The customer confirms the quotation and production plan, and signs the contract.


We start production and maintain close communication with the customer during the production process.


We complete production and perform strict quality control testing.


We deliver the customized products to the customer and provide after-sales service.