SINNHONG's High-Voltage EV Battery Cable Assemblies – Unrivaled Performance and Customization for the Automotive Revolution

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    High-Voltage EV Battery Cable Assemblies for Electric Vehicles
    Customized Harness Solutions for Electric Vehicle Battery Packs
    Advanced EV Wiring Harnesses for Battery Management Systems
    Flexible Battery Connection Cables for Electric Cars
    Specialized Cable Assemblies for EV Battery Charging Systems
    Innovative High-Current Cable Harnesses for Electric Mobility
    Tailored EV Battery Pack Wiring for Energy Efficiency
    Custom EV Battery Harnesses for Next-Gen Electric Vehicles
    Efficient Power Distribution in Electric Vehicle Battery Harnesses
    Smart BMS Integration with EV Battery Cable Solutions
    High-Temperature Resistant Cable Assemblies for EV Batteries
    EV Battery Wiring for Fast-Charging Electric Car Networks
    Reliable Cable Solutions for Automotive Grade EV Batteries
    Sealed and Shielded Wiring for EV Battery Pack Safety
    Intelligent Cable Management in Electric Vehicle Battery Systems
    Precision Wire Harnesses for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Integration
    EV Battery Cable Assemblies with Overmolding Technology
    Cable Solutions for Modular EV Battery Pack Configurations
    Waterproof EV Battery Harnesses for All-Weather Performance
    Custom EV Wiring Solutions for High-Capacity Battery Modules
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Product Description

Welcome to the forefront of electric mobility innovation with SINNHONG Electronic's comprehensive range of High-Voltage EV Battery Cable Assemblies and Harnesses. Our cutting-edge solutions are meticulously engineered to power the next generation of electric vehicles, offering unparalleled performance, safety, and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry

Wire Type:Our EV Battery Cable Assemblies utilize a variety of high-quality wires, including UL Wire, VDE Cable, Automotive Wires, Dran Chain Cable, and Medical Cable, ensuring reliability across diverse applications.

Wire Size:Choose from a wide range of wire sizes, ranging from 2AWG to 32AWG and 0.01mm² to 50mm², providing flexibility to meet the specific power requirements of electric vehicles.

Wire Cores:Tailor your solution with 1 to 50 cores, offering versatility for complex wiring configurations in electric vehicle battery systems.

Conductor:Select from Conductor options such as Bare Copper, Tinned Copper, Silver Plated, and Gold Plated wire, catering to your unique conductivity and corrosion resistance needs.

Rate Temperature:Our EV Battery Cable Assemblies are available in a range of rate temperatures, from 80℃ to 300℃ (176°F - 572°F), ensuring performance in various operating conditions.

Certification:Rest assured with our cables, as they come certified with UL, VDE, CE 3C, or can be customized for specific applications requiring special cables.

Connector Type:We offer compatibility with a variety of connector types, including TE, Molex, JST, Deutsch, Yeonho, Sumitomo, Yazaki, and others, ensuring seamless integration into diverse electric vehicle systems.

Protection Pipe:Customize your solution with protection pipes such as PVC tube, Corrugated pipe, Shrink Tube, and Braid Tube, enhancing durability and protection against environmental factors.

Protection:Our cables are available with various protection features, including Waterproof, Low Smoke Halogen-Free, Anti-UV Cable, and Acid and alkali-resistant cable, meeting the stringent requirements of electric vehicle applications.

Plug Molds:Choose from our extensive library of 300+ plug molds, many of which come with pre-existing tooling, streamlining the customization process for your specific electric vehicle model.

Industries:Our EV Battery Cable Assemblies find applications in a diverse range of industries, including Automobiles, Electronics, Machines, Lighting, and New Energy, reflecting our commitment to powering innovation across multiple sectors.

Product Details

Discover the meticulous craftsmanship behind our EV Battery Cable Assemblies, designed to facilitate easy installation, enhance system efficiency, and ensure optimal power distribution within electric vehicles. The plug-and-play design, coupled with a variety of customization options, makes SINNHONG Electronic the ideal partner for your electric mobility endeavors.


Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)
Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)
Electric Buses
Electric Trucks
Autonomous Vehicles
Elevate your electric mobility experience with SINNHONG Electronic's EV Battery Cable Assemblies, where innovation meets reliability, and power meets precision


RE:Our wiring harness products are made of various materials, including different types of wires, insulation materials, and casings, to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our customers. We select and use appropriate materials based on customer requirements and specifications, ensuring that they comply with relevant standards and requirements. Our company implements strict quality control procedures to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our wiring harness products have excellent electrical characteristics, mechanical performance, and waterproof rating, making them suitable for various applications and environments. Specific performance indicators are determined based on customer requirements and application scenarios, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and requirements.

We have advanced production processes and equipment that enable us to provide high-quality and efficient production services for our customers, including various processes such as welding, insulation, and wrapping. We determine the most suitable production process based on customer requirements and product specifications, ensuring that the production process complies with relevant standards and requirements.

We provide reasonable pricing and accurate delivery deadlines for our customers to meet their needs and budgets. Pricing and delivery deadlines are determined based on customer requirements and order conditions, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and requirements.

We provide samples for customers to try and can offer trial orders for small quantities to ensure that the product meets the customer's needs and requirements. We provide relevant services based on customer requirements and ensure that the samples and trial products comply with relevant standards and requirements.

We can customize wiring harness products for customers based on their specific needs and requirements to ensure that the product meets their unique requirements and specifications. We work closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and design and produce products based on their requirements and specifications.

We have a strict quality assurance system and process and hold multiple certifications and certificates such as ISO-9001,ISO-16949 COC SGS etc

Our Custom process:


The customer provides product customization requirements and relevant information.


Our professional technical personnel analyze and evaluate the product requirements, and confirm product details with the customer.


We provide customers with quotations and production plans.


The customer confirms the quotation and production plan, and signs the contract.


We start production and maintain close communication with the customer during the production process.


We complete production and perform strict quality control testing.


We deliver the customized products to the customer and provide after-sales service.