Approximate value of wire resistance of various materials

In the international standard, the conductor material of the wire is oxygen-free copper, oxygen-free copper with high purity, high oxidation resistance, and low resistance, good transmission effect. It is in accordance with the quality of the quality net.

In the weak electricity market, the material of wire conductor is not limited to oxygen free copper. In order to reduce the cost, the wire conductor material has iron and aluminum, copper clad aluminum, high conductivity aluminum, copper clad silver, all copper and oxygen free copper.

The iron and aluminum wire is the most common network cable, with 2 pairs of copper clad iron and 2 copper clad aluminum. Copper clad aluminum, high conducting aluminum and copper clad silver are aluminum mesh lines, copper clad aluminum wire is a common material network line, high conductivity aluminum and copper clad silver net line are imported aluminum mesh lines. The purity of copper clad net wire is higher than that of high aluminum wire, and the transmission effect is medium, but the oxidation resistance is low.

Copper mesh wire and oxygen free copper mesh wire are copper mesh wire, copper mesh wire conductor material is bronze, that is, the secondary recovery of copper, containing more impurities, high resistance.

1, four iron four aluminum wire: 300 meters resistance is about 150 ohms, which can transmit 60 meters at most.

2. Copper-clad aluminum wire: 300 meters of resistance is about 72_, cheap and easy to sell, about 100 meters can be transmitted, poor oxidation resistance, short service life.

3, high conductive aluminum wire: resistance of 300 meters is about 60 ohms, can transmit 150 meters, but poor oxygen resistance, life expectancy is not long.

4, copper coated silver wire: resistance of 300 meters is about 45 ohms, can transmit 180 meters, but poor oxygen resistance, life is not long.

5, copper coated copper wire: resistance of 300 meters is about 110 ohms, which can transmit about 80 meters, with strong oxidation resistance and long service life.

6. Oxygen-free copper wire: resistance 300 meters is about 30_, about 120-150 meters transmission, strong oxidation resistance, long life.