How to identify wire and cable

How to choose the excellent wire and cable, or how we should distinguish between the "national standard" or "non standard", the electric welding machine cable company teaches you five tricks:

One look. To see whether the wire and cable products have a certificate of quality system, see whether the certificate is standard, see if there is a factory name, site, inspection seal, production date, see whether the electric wire is printed with trademark, specification, voltage and so on. We should also look at the cross section of the copper core of the wire, the superior grade copper is bright and the color is soft, otherwise it will be defective.

Two try. It is advisable for a wire head to be flexed repeatedly by hand, with a soft hand, good anti fatigue strength, large elasticity of plastic or rubber and no cracks on the wire insulators.

Three weigh the weight. Good quality wires and cables are generally within the specified weight range per 100m weight. For example, the plastic insulated single strand copper core line of 1.5mm2 is commonly used, and the weight per 100m is 1.8-1.9kg; the plastic insulated single strand copper core line of 2.5mm2 is 3-3.1kg per 100m weight; the 4.0mm2 plastic insulated single strand copper core line, and the weight of 100m per 100m is 4.4-4.6kg, etc. Poor quality wire is not enough weight, either the length is not enough, or the copper wire core has too many impurities.

Four is more than the price. Because of the low cost of fake and inferior wires, vendors often sell them at low prices under the guise of low price and good quality. Therefore, be careful when buying, do not be fooled by the "good quality and low price" advertised by merchants, and finally be cheated.

Five look at the copper. The qualified copper core wire copper core should be purple, shiny and soft. The inferior copper core copper core is purple black, yellow or white, more impurities, poor mechanical strength, poor toughness, a little force will break, and wire often have broken line phenomenon. Check, you just strip one end of the wire, and then use a piece of white paper on the copper core slightly rubbed, if the white paper has black material, it shows that the copper core is more impurities, can be identified as "non standard" wire and cable.