What is the spacing of the wire

The inner wire core of the net is 22 winding, and the length of the wire is the length of the twisted pair of twisted pair. It is used to indicate the tightness of each pair of lines.

Each pair of line pairs in the network is twisted in a counter clockwise direction, and the spacing of each pair is different. This intertwining changes the original electronic characteristics of the cable, can resist a part of the external electromagnetic interference, and can also reduce the crosstalk problem caused by its own signal.

The closer the spacing of the wire is, the loss degree of the signal will be reduced and the distance of the transmission will be farther. In actual production, the twisted distance of each pair of twisted pair is different, because if the same twisted pair density, the coupling interference between the adjacent lines is produced. Different pairs of pairs of pairs are used to reduce the crosstalk between pairs of pairs.

The insulated wire is twisted, and the interference signal is consistent on the pair of twisted pair wires. In the differential circuit receiving the signal, the work mode signal can be eliminated and the useful signal can be extracted.

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